Student Comments

This workshop will help an artist grow regardless of skill level. Jason teaches in a way that adapts to the individual's interest and style. I drove four hours one way to attend this workshop, but I would have happily driven many more. If you have reached a plateau in your work, Jason will help you reach a new level. -Bobby Jones, Wheeling, WV

The workshop was fantastic! I can't think of a concept he did not cover in depth. My sense of color mixing has vastly improved. I feel I have grown tremendously as an artist in just one week! -Bettina Lewicki, Cary, NC

Well balanced between lecture, demonstration and individual guidance. A Five-Star experience! -Margie Rodman, Cary, NC

Jason Tako is not only a superb landscape and wildlife artist; he is also an exceptional teacher. I began taking lessons with Jason as a supplement to classes I am taking in a Masters of Fine Art Degree program. I could not be happier with Jason's ability to communicate his in depth knowledge of painting fundamentals including elements of composition, value structure, color harmony and mixing, subtleties of light, brushwork techniques and intricacies of plein air painting. Working with Jason has given new direction to my painting and his passion for painting and the creative process is a joy to see and experience, and I look forward to each and every lesson. -J. Swenson, Arlington, VA

Of the many workshops I've taken over the past several years, this workshop ranks among the best. Jason's workshop has given me more confidence and enabled me to loosen up. -Bufford, Cary, NC

Color was my problem and Jason definitively worked on it for us everyday! I was very glad that he covered it on a daily basis and individually with us. Thank you Jason! -Cristina, Cary, NC

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Private Instruction

Jason offers private instruction at his studio in the York, PA area. Whether you are a serious beginner or an experienced artist, Jason will work with you to achieve your needs and desires for artistic growth. Some instruction will be in the studio and some may be outside at different locations for those interested in plein air painting. The great benefits of private instruction are personal, on-going critique of your art, a curriculum that is tailored to your needs, constant personal attention, and a very flexible schedule for those who cannot devote time to a mutiple-day workshop. Private instruction is $30.00 per hour in the studio or $35 per hour in the field. If you are interested in private instruction contact Jason at

Jason studying under Scott Christensen