Summer Hunt

A group of Lakota Indians driving a large herd of bison on the Powder River plain during a hot summer day.The main Indian in the painting is taking a risk by moving in very close to a large bull. Hunting bison on horseback was a dangerous affair, but hunting a bull was extra dangerous as at any moment he could turn on the horse, plow it over, and then attack the dismounted rider. Horses had to be specially trained to hunt bison, and a good buffalo horse was highly valued. The horse in this painting, while sharing the courage of its rider, is showing signs of stress. If the rider gets in a good shot, the arrow could go completely through the bull and cause him to drop. If the arrow hits a bone near the surface, or a non-vital area, it may only enrage the bull and further the danger.
Oil on linen, 36x48

The horses for this painting were kindly provided by National Ridings Stables in Gettysburg, PA

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