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Trade Clothe<br>Oil 18x12<br>$1,700
Blessing the Thunder Iron<br>Oil 38x30<br>$13,000
Buffalo Caller<br>Oil 16x12<br>$1,500
The Spirit of Lightning<br>Oil 20x16<br>Sold
The Sentinels<br>Oil 26x36<br>$11,000
Lakota Scout<br>Oil 18x24<br>Sold
Sudden Turn<br>Oil 11x14<br>Sold
Hunting for Crows<br>Oil 24x48<br>Sold
Crow Warrior<br>Oil 10x8<br>Sold
Cautious Approach<br>Oil 14x11<br>Sold
Buffalo Scout<br>Oil 10x8<br>$900
Aiming the Lance<br>Oil 20x16<br>Sold
Summer Hunt<br>Oil 36x48<br>Sold
Stirring Up Trouble<br>Oil 24x30<br>Sold
Emergence<br>Oil 24x36<br>$7,000
Teton Mama<br>Oil 24x36<br>$7,000
Evening in the Foothills<br>Oil 18x24<br>$3,000
Aspens at Autumn<br>Oil 10x12<br>Sold
The Little Missouri<br>Oil 12x16<br>Sold
Dream Lake<br>Oil 24x30<br>$6,000